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The Juyongguan Great Wall Hotel (Juyongguan Changcheng Gukezhan) is a courtyard style hotel located at the foot of the spectacular Juyongguan Great Wall.

Guests may relax in their rooms and order room service if they desire.

Diners at this Beijing hotel may enjoy Sichuan and Cantonese dishes at the on-site restaurants. In addition, Western style food and barbeque are also served.

Conference rooms and the function hall are suitable for organizing events.

In terms of relaxation, guests may enjoy a cup of tea or socialize at the bar after a day's travel. Those looking for some exercise can go bowling, or take a dip in the hotel's indoor swimming pool.[View Detail]
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  • biewbiew
    Is located in Juyongguan next, location quite good of a hotel, years Qian had live had, then of facilities is such, more than 10 years Hou also is such, imagined now facilities has more old has! stepped into on this hotel scare a jumped, how so clean, people are no does! front desk on a waiter, even overalls are didn't wear, other of waiter fundamental on see not to! five points more to of hotel, this wants to in Hotel eat of didn't thought said hotel early work has, only to waiter pushRecommended of near a farm Le dinner, said of serious points is a shops! hotel of breakfast also poor, waiter let we don't too early to, 8 points around, we on time to has, results things are eat of almost has, only left has is porridge and cold of bread, was waiter playing has two times, you said this hotel can business have down did? so good of location on was so a not Shang business of hotel to spoil has!
  • poy0808
    Also, very quiet
  • pacific
    Facilities in the premises of the older, but good outside, courtyard, comes with a large quantity of food
  • e00125411
    Transportation, facilities and some old, behind closed doors would have been audible, seems to be less of a good reminder sound, but confirmed that the closed, you must then pull the set location sound stops, bathtub plug, water color is very slow, the bath water onto his knees, hair dryer equipment wind weak, unable to adjust,
  • sofnon
    At the foot of the Juyongguan great view. high-speed is bad it is not easy to find a hotel.
  • bangbang
    Breakfast is poor
  • jsgoldwall
    OK, where is appropriate. fewer people.
  • andyxu1940
    Location is excellent, rooms are acceptable; Inn restaurant food is expensive in General is good choice to go to the great wall.
  • baobaolele
    Great location ~ at the foot of Juyongguan, general health condition, room facilities are old and the dimly. but the complimentary breakfast was very sincere, something two people sent a whole table
  • ninigen
    Nice, just at the foot of the great wall, gate of the scenic area, and convenient transportation.
  • billsoros
    Hotel was very nice, clean, good, old style up to the Juyongguan great wall, bed comfortable, breakfast also OK, simply, is where the facility is old, but does not affect use.
  • Daycie
    At the foot of the great wall, others are poor
  • lineageii
    Under the Juyongguan pass, location, and through feeling, hehe
  • geniexx
    Very good hotel, Beijing courtyard feature, the facility is a bit dated
  • dongbin820131
    Well, old hotel, popularity is not prosperous, facilities are old, and overall satisfaction.
  • ariel_wong
    Not ideal
  • gm6004
    Hotel location is very good, and very quiet.
  • Bgwlf
    Yingjian he huanjing bucuo. Fuwu yiban.
  • mouxudong
    Only good only from near the great wall, others are reluctantly accepted.
  • lsxgabriel
    As far as the hotel is really so-so. ordinary hostel level. the location is quite good, Juyongguan in the doorway, Badaling is also just a 20-minute drive. with children, don't want to day commuting back and forth, can still meet the basic expectation.
  • lc-seven
  • alexlp
    Good location, in the area, suitable for getting up early to climb the great wall
  • itisme
    State-owned enterprises
  • e02632364
    Hotel is well located, convenient, quiet, the room was clean, decorated and cozy than comparable hotels, great. hotel rooms are very clean, decorated very warm, bed very comfortable, necessary, staff were very friendly, will stay again.
  • Lenon775
    Family travel!
  • liubyl
    Good location
  • cfeng1986
    Rooms are too old, mainly to a group of local
  • Fanyucai
    Surrounding area very well, slightly old rooms facilities, because of all the bungalows feel musty smell in the corridor, but the location is really great, at the Juyongguan pass under their feet, get up in the morning to climb the great wall is really handy!
    At the Juyongguan pass such a far away place, facilities are available, but remote, many services on the device is unable to achieve a four star standard. simple restaurant meals, to eat early. breakfast is rice, dumplings, rice porridge, enough to fill.
  • e02492311
    Is good, on in Juyongguan next, I is if tour finished Badaling think enough fun, can select in here live a late, second days tour Juyongguan wall or to tombs, but best is since driving. said food, hotel service staff less, I live day night just met Shang has foreign guests mission staying, bulk guest only we, make to order Hou is long are cannot served, with service personnel reflect Hou only immediately served, somewhat was snubbed of feel
  • gilgerard
    Courtyard-style hotel next to the scenic spots, compare features, prices are also good, fewer facilities, especially dining season staple only noodles and biscuits for dinner haha. feels good, will also go to, is to consider bring along food.
  • wiliamwu
    I ever live of worst of four star hotel, front desk waiter attitude very poor, a had 6:30, hotel restaurant close, around farm Le also also stop business, only buy has Hotel supermarket 12 Yuan a bowl of Kang master beef surface (outside sold 3 Yuan), room internal facilities which is what four star standard, was is 100 Yuan a late of General Guest House, most depressed of is room in no broadband! yihou not again live.
  • jenney
    Very good hotel, quaint, clean, quiet! at the Juyongguan great wall area, few people after three o'clock in the afternoon to climb the great wall, climb over the back rest, no commuting
  • e04434076
    Four star, funny, nothing!
  • nana1017
    A bit old, nice
  • newargo
    Location excellent and facilities than the old
  • dglpeter
    Quiet, distant view of the great wall in the courtyard, night view stars. but small rooms, restaurants and no table.
  • cclouis
    Also, Beijing capital good
  • Geoffrey
    In the area, and its location, eat inconvenience, but in order to get up early to the great wall, is the best choice!
  • dean5945
    Hotel is located in the foot of the great wall, Juyongguan pass of the tour, you can in the evening enjoy the beauty of the impregnable pass under heaven. but poor hotel facilities, may make us realize dynasties in border battle hard, but should meet the basic needs of life.
  • jiangdoc
    Overall OK
  • lujia_0817
    Very nice hotel next to
  • dellin
    Standard room aisle Windows, interior decoration, restaurant, nice front desk not very professional.
  • emerson517
    Great location, close to feel the beauty of the great wall is the best choice here. breakfast, room facilities, the most important is to win.
  • Tiny0915
    Very quaint courtyard, at the foot of the great wall, there is a feeling of crossing
  • ctcabcd
    If you want to experience the depth of the Juyongguan great wall, also are featured here for the night. on the great wall to watch the sunset, very beautiful!
  • caiwenyaya
    Environment is so bad
  • jessieyyn
    Very good experience, very few guests that day, it is very quiet, eats dinner with his son for a walk very comfortable
  • avisitor
    Midnight d 270RMB from the airport, the hotel is next to the wall, catch the wall people on not a lot, for don't want crowds of visitors.